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WOO! I set my goal to finish under 30 minutes and I killed it! 

Goblin Gallop 5K
Official time: 27:52 (pace: 8:59/mile, say wha?) 
Age group place: 12/107
Gender place: 120/772

It was so cold this morning! I couldn’t feel my feet or legs until about half way through the race. It actually snowed in the area yesterday so I was really concerned about the route being icy and I did hit a few spots that were slippery but I didn’t let them slow me down too much! I made a mix last night and made it only 29:30 long, so that I had to “beat the silence”… once I hit the last two songs, I knew I was only had a little bit left and I could push it to the end and meet my goal of being under 30 minutes and I beat my goal by more than two minutes! I was so proud of myself, I was nearly crying when I crossed the finish line! I’ve been having some rough runs lately so it was really great to see that hard work could pay off even if you felt like it’s not.